2022 NECO Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers 2022 (Theory & Obj) Legit Free Expo Answers





(i) Rabbit
(ii) Goat

(i) Simple stomach
(ii) Mammal

(1c) [Pick any three] (i) digestive system
(ii) circulatory system
(iii) Urogenital system
(iv) Nervous system
(v) respiratory system

(1d) [Pick any two] (i) Meat
(ii) Wool (fur)
(iii) Pelt/skin

(1e) [Pick any three] (i) Festive period
(ii) inadequate transportation
(iii) Low demand for the product.
(iv) Health condition of consumers
(v) Health or condition of the product.
(vi) Taste and preference of consumer
(vii) close substitute to the meat of rabbit.


(i) Goats are allowed to roam about freely
(ii) Goats are less expensive to manage.
(iii) It makes goats to be prone to predators or hazards.
(iv) goats are not placed under close observation

(i) Animals are kept indoor
(ii) it’s expensive in managing goats
(iii) it does not expose goats to predators or hazards.
(iv) Goats are placed under close observation.

(i) Concentrate feed
(ii) Roughages feed
(iii) Supplementary feed

(1h) (i) Gestation period : 150 days
(ii) Oestrus cycle : 21



(i) Bahama grass
(ii) Stylo

(i)Cynodon dactylon
(ii) Stylosanthes guianensis

(2c) [PICK ANY TWO] (i) overgrazing would expose the soil to erosion
(ii) it will lead to reduction in productivity
(iii) it will lead to trampling
(iv) It reduces the usefulness and effectiveness of the legumes.

(2d) [PICK ANY TWO] (i) it helps in improving productivity
(ii) it help in preventing exposure of the soil to erosion
(iii) it helps in ensuring the availability of the legumes.
(iv) It prevents spread of diseases among grazing animals.

(i) hay
(ii) Straw
(iii) Silage

(i) cattle
(ii) Goat
(iii) sheep

(i) carbonaceous hay
(ii) forage legumes
(iii) legume hay

(2h) [PICK ANY THREE] (i) To improve palatability of feed in animals.
(ii) To in promote available of legumes mixture
(iii) To promote and make balanced ration possible
(iv) To improve the nutrition condition of animals.

Specimen E – Liverfluke
Specimen F – Udder stylo

(i) Cow
(ii) Sheep


(i) Liver inflammation
(ii) Hemorrhage

It reduces the spread

(i) Hand picking
(ii) Spray with insecticides
(iii) Biological control

(i) I

(i) Bovine warts
(ii) Pseudo cowpox

Disease I
(i) Proper feeding
(ii) Vaccination

Disease II
(i) Sanitation
(ii) Regular vaccination

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