2021 NECO Agricultural Science Practical Questions and Answers,Expo,Runs,Runz

A – Measuring tape
B – Gunters chain
C – Ranging pole
D – Peg

(i) Pull taut chains.
(ii) Make sure the chain is not faulty.
(iii) Avoidance of error due to parallax when reading measurements.

Specimen A:
(i) It is used for taking measurements of linear distances.
(ii) It is used to form 3-4-5 methods of measurement.

Specimen C:
(i) It is used for marking spots or stations.
(ii) It is used for making straight lines.

Specimen D:
(i) It is used to separate the boundaries
(ii) It helps in marking or locating the stations or points on the ground

(i) C is longer than D
(ii) C is circular sectioned while D is square sectioned


E – Sandy soil
F – Urea fertilizer

(i) It is coarse-grained.
(ii) It is gritty

(i) Mulching
(ii) Planting of cover crops
(iii) Application of manure.

(i) Making long lines along the farmland.
(ii) Applying F along the lines, just by the sprouted seedlings.

(i) It can cause ammonium toxicity because urea is converted to ammonium either in the root substrate or after uptake.
(ii) It encourages weed growth relative to cultivated crops.

O.2 – 0.05mm

(i) Ensure there is an anticipation of rain or irrigation.
(ii) Test the soil to check the nutrient level.
(iii) Apply two weeks before planting.


G – Paddy rice
H – Cassava tuber
I – Palm fruit

Specimen G
(i) Threshing and winnowing.
(ii) Parboiling
(iii) Hulling

Specimen H
(i) Fermentation
(ii) Drying
(iii) Cooking

Specimen I
(i) Threshing
(ii) Fruit digestion
(iii) Pulp pressing

(i) Irrigation
(ii) Mulching
(iii) Manuring


J – Fresh milk
K – Egg
L – Hides and skin

(Pick any two)
(i) Wash and clean your hands before milking and should not spit or smoke
(ii) Wash the cow’s udder and teats preferably with chlorine solution and dry.
(iii) Remove the wet bedding and keep the stall very clean and dry in condition

(i) Dairy cattle
(ii) Beef cattle

(i) Ventilation
(ii) Humidity
(iii) Turning
(iv) Temperature

(Pick any three)
(i) Dehairing
(ii) Desalting
(iii) Soaking
(iv) Pressing
(v) Liming
(vi) Splitting
(vii) Removal of extraneous tissues


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